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Dr. Christopher J. Gauland
Dr. Jonathan C. O’Quinn
Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal

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Greenville, North Carolina

Q: How are plantar warts treated?

A: Warts are caused by a viral infection of the skin. Although there are many treatments available, I have had the best results with regular trimming of the warts with application of a special, very concentrated acid preparation. This is painless to apply and is washed off with soap and water in 24 hours. Most people have only mild discomfort for perhaps 2-3 days afterwards. The acid causes a superficial, chemical peel of the top layer of skin where the wart virus lives, creating some callus and blistering, which is then gently trimmed back in two weeks. If there is any remaining wart tissue, the process is repeated. Most people experience a complete cure of the wart in 2-4 treatments, with no scarring and no recurrence.

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